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bacon150dipBoar’s Head Brand is the featured provider of bacon at this year’s event. Littleton Rotary Club members will be frying the bacon and providing free samples as well as packaged bacon for sale.

Boar’s Head Importance of Quality Statement

“110 years ago, we opened our doors with a different set of rules. No cutting corners, no compromises. No sacrificing quality for profits. The result, exceptional Boar’s Head products made using only the highest quality ingredients—products made to standards rarely found today. When you want the best, ours is the name you can trust.”



The Colorado Pig Rig

Colorado Pig Rig photoWe’re three brothers who love food and Colorado! Growing up enjoying our mom’s simple Midwest home cooking, we’ve always been surrounded by delicious food. Born into a family of farmers & entrepreneurs, we were destined to be small business owners. With the booming food truck scene in Denver, we knew it was time to pull the trigger on our very own American dream.

Fast forward 30 years and we’re taking some of mom’s classic Midwestern recipes, the LOVE of pork and combining them with our spicier Mexican flavors on the Colorado Pig Rig Food Truck.

The Pig Rig features everything from Midwest classics like the Beer Batter Breaded Pork Tenderloin Sandwich and Wisconsin Cheese Curds to authentic Navajo Indian Fry Bread tacos with a Mexican twist. Our food is an eclectic mix of our Midwestern roots, our original home state of Arizona and pretty much every place in between.

“Flavorful food is our passion, bringing a smile to your face is our job and family is our driving force”

— Trevor, Josh & Tyler —

Turn In BBQ

Turn In BBQ

At BBQ competitions, the choicest samples of meat that each contestant serves to the judges is called the “TURN IN” box. Established in 2015, Turn-In BBQ’s mission is to provide the Denver area with competition-quality BBQ dishes from our food truck.

To enhance our competition quality style of BBQ, all of our rubs, sauces, marinades & glazes are homemade. Along with our sides, made from scratch are with the freshest and local ingredients available. Come taste the difference!

We firmly believe in our motto: Where Appearance, Taste, and Tenderness Matter! These are the top 3 criteria judged at the nation’s top BBQ competitions, and, let’s face it, the only top 3 criteria YOU care about when digging into a plate of brisket, pulled pork, or ribs.

Turn-In BBQ is now serving competition-style prized BBQ to the Denver metro area, and we’ll let YOU be the judge of it!

Tony Guacamole Food Truck


As the name of this mobile Mexican food slinger suggests, Tony Guacamole specializes in mashed avocados — there are four varieties on the menu board with varying ingredients and heat levels. But the menu also encompasses street tacos and an assortment of fried snacks, including nachos that benefit from an on-board fryer, since they’re built on a bed of freshly fried white-corn tortilla chips, which give a lighter, flakier crunch than standard yellow corn chips.

El Toro The Tot

El Toro logo

With over a decade of restaurant and hospitality experience in some of the finest restaurants across the country, our mission is to provide a unique culinary experience that will keep you coming back for more. You’ll taste the bold flavors of Spain through the transformed classic American burger and tater tot. Everything on our menu is made from scratch and made to order. Each day we grind the freshest blend of brisket, short rib, and chuck beef by hand, bake fluffy homemade buns, and make one-of-a-kind tater tots stuffed (not topped) with all kinds of goodness.



Hey PB and J


pbjTruckMeatball_FoodTruck_303Magazine-2Meatball. and Hey PB&J owner Matt McDonald has a lifetime love of food. A graduate of New York’s Culinary Institute of America, he trained under four James Beard Award Winners and four Food & Wine Best New Chefs in kitchens in Chicago, IL. and Minneapolis, MN. After running restaurant kitchens and his own catering business, he fell in love with food trucks after a visit to Los Angeles and its vibrant street food scene. Matt launched Hey PB&J in 2011, selling unique, grilled peanut butter and jelly sandwiches out of a funky, jam colored, 1979 Chevy truck. His second concept — a shiny, open kitchen trailer called Meatball. — hit the streets in 2014. His work has been featured on The Cooking Channel’s Eat St., Travel Channel’s Food Paradise, recognized locally in 5280 Magazine, Westword, 303 Magazine, among others, and nationally in USA Today, Thrillist, and The Culture Trip.


Coaches Scoop Frozen Desserts

coaches scoop truckWe were convinced that super premium frozen desserts could be scooped at any location and at any time.  We wanted to bring the desserts to you!  How did we accomplish that?  In the beginning, we developed designer portable dipping cabinets that were used for outdoor events (farmer’s markets & football games) and indoor events (corporate events & basketball games).  With so much mobile success we decided it was time to join the big leaguers……and “Super Scoop” was born.

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